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Expert mobile health consultancy

Whether you know the subject as mHealth, mobile health, digital health or connected health, you already know that there are very high expectations on the ability of mobile technology to make a sustainable difference to the delivery of health care, seemingly across all conditions and geographies.  However, many early efforts fail to deliver and are often abandoned at pilot stage.

Tony Kane Consulting is an independent mHealth consultancy, formed to address the gap between the high expectations of mobile health and the lack of practical insight and experience as to what really works.  To make this expertise more widely available I created the world’s first structured methodology for mHealth project planning, called ‘6 Steps to mHealth Success’ (click HERE to download an overview).

I was formerly Global Head of mHealth at Vodafone Group and more recently have been working with startups in the digital health sector, so I feel well qualified to advise you on the critical success factors for mHealth implementation.

Read on to learn how working with Tony Kane Consulting will help you:

  • Choose the right target for your mHealth project
  • Design your solution to delight the intended users
  • Build in sustainability for the long term
  • Avoid expensive pitfalls along the way
  • Separate the hype from the realities

Tony Kane Consulting – making mHealth real