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Tony Kane Consulting RecommendationsClient Feedback

Understandably, much of my work is governed by strict confidentiality, but you may view recommendations on LinkedIn along with selected feedback here:


“Tony Kane is a professional with extensive experience in the world of technologies and global strategies in particular, the field of mHealth. I have had the opportunity to work closely with him and can vouch for his great skills in the strategic field, his vision and dynamism.”

Joan C, Director


“Tony has brought extraordinary experience and knowledge in the mHealth arena from his long years as heading the health care activities of one of the biggest European telecoms operators. Great listener and facilitator.”

Michael S, Project Director


“I had the pleasure to work with Tony in developing entirely new solutions to patient pathways and integrated care. Tony brings depth and breadth of expertise in both technology and mHealth. Above all, Tony has great personal integrity and accountability for results that meant I was always confident that Tony would deliver on time, on budget and a workable solution.”

Glen H, Business Unit Director


“His ability to understand the needs of patients, healthcare professionals and healthcare company objectives and then provide solutions which address the identified needs, in the form of applications was impressive.”

Steve L, Head of Homecare


“Tony has a rare ability to understand the complexities, challenges and opportunities of both healthcare systems globally together with multi-national communication technology companies. He is particularly strong in being able to bring together disparate sets of stakeholders in order to solve problems which are underpinned by sound business models.”

Dianne S, Senior Scientist


“Tony is one of the world’s foremost experts on mHealth. He has great insight and unlike many others within mHealth – real practical experience which is absolutely critical. Tony is a great asset to any company and his ability to accelerate an organization’s mHealth strategy is second to none.”

David L, Sales Director


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